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The UserWay Accessibility Widget is the world’s most advanced AI-based auto-remediation technology that ensures your brand and your customers have an accessible digital experience that meets strict governmental regulations. We do this by delivering an integrated RAAS™ (Remediation-as-a-Service™) solution that measures, monitors and fixes accessibility violations without requiring changes to your website's existing code. Ensure that your brand delivers an uncompromising accessible digital experience to users everywhere.

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The World's Most Advanced Accessibility Technology

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Trusted by Governments, NGOs and the World’s Leading Brands

UserWay works with governments, enterprises in every industry, and the world’s leading brands to improve accessibility for millions of people globally.

Critical Accessibility Features

Customizable, Flexible, Adaptable, Powerful, Personal... Accessible.

The UserWay Accessibility Widget offers a broad selection of functions that users can mix and match to meet their individual accessibility needs. Each of the functions below can be turned on or off or set at an exact interim value. Settings for each user are automatically saved for future site visits, making your site's accessibility smart, effortless and effective.

Keyboard Navigation

The workhorse of UserWay's Accessibility Widget. Provides on-the-fly remediation of non-compliant elements into accessible, keyboard-navigable ones. Critical for those who rely on assistive tech.

Screen Reader

UserWay’s powerful, custom-built, integrated screen reader. Supports over thirty different languages, native accents and locales. Gets smarter all the time with UserWay’s AI.

Increase Text Size

Cycles on-screen texts through four different levels of text-size increases. Makes every part of your site instantly more readable.

Stop Animations

Pauses content that moves or auto-updates that is considered an accessibility barrier. Stops animations, blinking and flashing content that distracts and may trigger seizures.


Shows alternative text and aria labels for on-screen elements with a simple mouse hover. Tooltips are prominent, high contrast and easy to read for low-vision users with accessibility needs.

Convert to Accessible Fonts

Converts stylized fonts into accessible fonts and font weights that are essential for visually impaired and dyslexic users who find nonstandard fonts confusing or difficult to read.

Highlight Links

Emphasize links, buttons and action elements in clear, high-contrast colors that are easy to identify. Highlights clickable items for easier site usability, navigation and overall accessibility.

Large Cursor

Increases the standard cursor size by 400% to ensure the pointer always remains in sight. Allows for faster and more accessible navigation through hyperlinks, tabs and form elements.

Reading Guide

Converts the cursor into a high contrast horizontal reading guide. Focuses and guides the eyes to reduce eye strain for users who are visually impaired, dyslexic, cognitively disabled, and users with Presbyopia.

Dark Mode  

Boost the contrast of all site elements with a high contrast dark color theme. One-click remediation to inaccessible and non-compliant low contrast elements, texts, buttons and form fields.

Light Mode

Boost the contrast of all site elements with a high contrast light color theme. One-click remediation to inaccessible and non-compliant low contrast elements, texts, buttons & form fields.

Invert Colors

Full color inversion for all site elements providing greater perceived color depth, making texts significantly easier to read while reducing eye strain for color blind and visually impaired users.

Text Spacing 

Modify text and line spacing for improved readability for dyslexic and the visually impaired users. Offers three degrees of adjustments for a personalized and more accessible reading experience.

Color Desaturation

Desaturates all colors on the page. An important accessibility function that helps users with deuteranopia, tritanopia, and other forms of color blindness to better distinguish your site’s content.

Reveal Page Structure

Quickly reveal page headings, landmarks and links in a clear, structured, easily navigable and accessible manner. Helps both disabled and non-disabled users find the content they want, faster.

Reset All Configurations  

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Uncompromising Mobile Support

More than 58% of total web traffic takes place on smartphones and mobile devices. Ensure your site is accessible on handheld devices with narrow screen resolutions so visitors can consume your content with the accessibility enhancements they need. UserWay's Accessibility Widget is built for mobile experiences, allowing your site to match the unique needs of users on the go. Open your website up to countless new visitors with one feature-packed widget while giving your users the hassle-free accessibility they’ve come to expect. Get UserWay’s Accessibility Widget for your website and see its impact today.


UserWay is Evergreen Software

UserWay continuously updates its AI-based technology underlying the UserWay Accessibility Widget to meet the latest in legal and regulatory requirements as dictated by regulatory bodies in the US and internationally, including the ADA, Section 508, EN 301 549, AODA and other accessibility standards. With UserWay's Accessibility Widget, these continuous enhancements and updates are automatically applied to your site without requiring any special effort, coding or ongoing maintenance on the part of your developers or digital commerce &&compliance teams. With UserWay's Accessibility Widget, you can rest assured that your site always stays current with the latest accessibility requirements.

Real Time Usage Statistics

Access real time usage statistics and reports* on the most frequently-used accessibility functions enabled by your audience. Gain crucial insights into which accessibility functions are were turned on, and how frequently. Learn, in real time, how many people you’re helping, and protecting, with the most powerful accessibility technology available.

Quick Accessibility Menu

Just Press "Tab"

Sites running the UserWay Accessibility Widget also get the Quick Accessibility Menu that is triggered when a user first hits the tab key on their keyboard. This unique quick access feature provides enhanced capabilities for all users, but with a focus on assisting users with visual impairments. This helpful menu is triggered via keyboard interaction and emphasizes ease-of-use and rapid application of accessibility features that is a hallmark of UserWay’s Accessibility Widget.

Customize Anything, Control Everything!

The internet is a place filled with users who have diverse needs and brands that demand powerful customization options to meet those needs. With UserWay, these include the ability to customize preferred button types, language and locales, size, position, color, accessibility statements, and more. UserWay’s powerful customizations create seamless integrations with your brand’s UI, providing convenient controls for mobile, desktop and tablet environments.

Accessibility Is a Global Issue

Ensure accessibility, no matter what language your users speak. With support for over 30 different languages that are fully-integrated into the widget and an intelligent "auto-detect" mode, users from around the world will be presented with accessibility options in the language they'll understand best.

UserWay's Accessibility Widget is Free

UserWay's Accessibility Widget is free for governmental, educational, personal and commercial use, and we commit to always remaining free.

Strict Compliance

UserWay is a Privacy by Design organization.

UserWay does not store information on users, as their privacy is our priority. UserWay does not collect or store any user information. UserWay's Accessibility Widget does not use any cookies, which helps to protect your GDPR compliance efforts further. As a result, we are proud to be COPPA, FERPA, HIPAA, GDPR and of course, ADA compliant. These strict standards ensure that every industry, including Government, Municipal &&Public Sector, Banking &&Financial, Academic, Educational &&School Districts, Consumer, Retail &&E-Commerce, IT &&Security, Health Care, Hospitals &&Medical, Automotive, Aviation &&Transportation, Real Estate, Hospitality &&Tourism, law enforcement, media &&entertainment, NGOs &&NPOs, and many more, can benefit from providing their users with UserWay's powerful suite of integrated accessibility solutions. UserWay goes above and beyond many regulatory requirements, exceeding many of the strictest governmental regulations, accessibility requirements and privacy standards.

UserWay Supports All Major Site Creation Platforms